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Moody Marlin Restaurant & Bamboo Bar

Moody Marlin Restaurant & Bamboo Bar

At Mango Bay Resort, we are foodies!
We try everyday to take in the amazing produce and locally grown, caught or farmed food for your culinary enjoyment.
So much o that we think we produce ome of the best meals available on the Coral Coast.

We also offer two different types of menus available throughout your stay;
An All-Day Bar Menu consisting of fantatic burgers, pizzas, snacks and western items, and a rotating 5-Day menu consiting of more locally derived options, and heartier Lunch and Dinner choices.

If you want to delve deeper into the local cuisine, ask to speak to one of our two local chefs, and let them amaze you with some traditional menu choices that are not on the menu daily, from mouth watering local Curries, to Fresh Seafood and Vegatarian options.

We are also flexible on most special dietary requirements or food preference choices. All you need to do is ak, and if we can do so, we will accommodate.
This includes Pescatarian, Dairy Free, Vegetarian and Vegan options.

Our restaurant is open from 7:00am daily and after breakfast service, remains open until 9:00pm.