Resort Activities, Local Tours & Attractions

Resort Activities, Local Tours & Attractions


At Mango Bay, we offer a variety of in-house activities that our guests can take part in.
We also recommend a number of amazing local tours and attractions in the area, most of which are absolute Must-Do's while visiting Fiji. 

We have an onsite tour desk, or reception, that can book any trips locally for your visit.
from quiet Fijian style massages just down the road, to white water rafting, or rainforest hikes with spectacular waterfalls. Evertything can easily be booked and arranged, if you just ask the questions.

At Mango Bay, you do as litte, or as much as you desire.

Local Village Visit

Take a tour through one of our neighbouring villages and be immersed in the local culture for a day. 

from $20 per person

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Yanuca Island Day Trip

Looking to enjoy the beauty and tranquility that is the Beqa Marine Reserve?
Forget the long bus rides back up to nadi to visit mediocre Islands and Coral.

Book our Island Trips from the resort and enjoy a 50-60 minute speedboat ride to Yanuca [Ya-Nu-Tha] Island, located in the Beqa Island Marine Reserve. 
Enjoy a small private daytrip with amazing soft coral, snorkelling, BBQ style Lunch, and even the occasional fishing, and whale or dolphin watching thrown in if the season is right.

Pick up is either from the beach by boat, or a 3 minute drive to your departure, all included in the low daily price. Fiji time may apply.


from 170.00

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Fishing Trips

On the Coral Coast, we have some of the most amazing fishing available in the South Pacific.
From big Game Marlina and Swordfish, to trawling for your favourite Tuna, Mahi Mahi, Wahoo or Waloo, to popping for GT on the reef.

Spearfishing and FreeDiving trips can alo be arranged.

Prices depend on what you would like to arrange, and for how long.
We arrange, book and organise charters for every request

from 150.00

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River Tubing Fiji

River Tubing Fiji

River Tubing Fiji is a locally owned family business providing an authentic experience with greater insights into locals way of life, and it has its roots firmly established in the rich history and culture of the Namosi Highlands.

This unique product is the brainchild of owner and founder William Rock Danford. A direct descendant of John Humphrey Danford the lone Englishman who lived in the Namosi Highlands amongst the cannibal hill tribes in the 1800s. Fought alongside the Namosi High chief, planned all attacks against enemies and advised the chief on his dealings with Europeans.

For the many years of service to the chief of Namosi he was given a piece of land called Raiwaqa along the banks of the Navua River, where he later settled. During his time in Raiwaqa he also led many foreigners on expeditions up the Navua River.

Today join William as he continues to follow his great great great grandfathers footsteps.

from 210.00

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Sigatoka River Safari


Fiji's original and the world's first Jet Boat & Village Safari, is the multiple award winning Sigatoka River Safari . Our half-day eco/cultural adventure transports you deep into the heart & soul of Fiji, aboard our custom-built safari jet boats. Cruise your way up the magnificent Sigatoka River to visit authentic Fijian villages and experience a day in the life of the real 'kaiviti' (Fijian).

Naihehe Cave Tour


Fiji’s Original and only Off-Road Cave Safari offers a half day of adventure on our ATV bikes along the ‘Road less Travelled’ deep into the Fijian interior. This journey of discovery, rich in Fijian history, enables you to see first-hand Fiji’s largest cave system, the Naihehe Cave, which was home to the Nabuavatu clan during tribal warfare days. You will see how they used this cave system to seek refuge and defend themselves from their enemies until the end of tribal war in Fiji which was just over a hundred years ago.

Your Off-Road adventure will last 4.5 hours but we are sure that this half day expedition will have given you a true glimpse of Fiji as it was and truly is.

from 249.00

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Rivers Rafting Fiji

Upper Navua River Rafting

You and your expert guides will journey through this paradise, negotiate exciting white water, cool off beneath cascading waterfalls, search for exotic wildlife and hike through lush forests. This full day trip includes lunch and we can arrange your round trip transportation for you. This excursion is a full on day of fun, adventure and culture and one of the most popular trips based locally between the Coral Coast and Pacific Harbour.

from 450.00

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